Instagram hides like counts

1 August 2019

Instagram post with like count

With Like Count

Instagram post with like count removed

Like Count Removed

“We want your followers to focus on what you share; not how many likes your posts get.” – Instagram

Instagram has announced a small design change to test effects on mental wellbeing.

Instagram is now hiding like counts to reduce competition and impact on users’ well-being. What was originally being tested in Canada is expanding to more countries, including Italy, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Japan, and New Zealand.

You will now notice that posts will show ‘Liked by [username] and others’ below a post instead of the number of likes. You will be able to see the number of likes on your own posts received, but not others.

Instagram says this will take the “competition” out of posting and ease the “pressure” on users to post the kinds of photos that get lots of likes (e.g. selfies and sunsets).

Influencers are finding this change demotivating

Jem Wolfie a Perth-based fitness and food influencer says “They said they’re doing it to take the competition out of posting – I’m not in competition with anyone on Instagram, I’m here to run a business. They’re taking a tool away that’s really important for us.”

I’m glad this is getting more testing and I still want to see more data on reach and engagement levels for those impacted. We will see how this change goes, but we can assume it will be permanent.

As Instagram hides likes, users are switching to business accounts. See more information on Social Media Today.


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