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What is Chat Marketing?

Have you seen those chat icons at the bottom of business websites, where you can talk to a customer service person? Awesome so you’ve heard about chatbots? What we are offering is this and so much more.

Chatbots are one of the most powerful new methods in online marketing. Businesses of all types in Australia are taking advantage of them right now.

You have heard of Siri, Alexa and Google Home haven’t you? these are all different types of chatbots.

A chatbot is software that learns language or is automated to communicate with your customers inside messaging apps.

These chatbots, also known as messaging apps, messenger marketing, messenger bots, or Facebook bots are programmed with a set of rules to communicate via messages.

These messages are sent to your customers and prospects when they interact with your chatbot on messaging apps on mobile phones, website, email and social media platforms, that’s right, messages to mobile. Imagine the potential to communicate with new interest directly on the one thing constantly held in their hand – the mobile phone.

Facebook is one of the largest and latest platforms to bring them online.

Chat marketing is one of the most powerful new methods in online marketing. Designing your Chatbots in a meaningful conversational manner is proving extremely effective.

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Why every business needs to implement chat marketing now!

Approximately 6 in 9 Australian’s are using Facebook


Million Monthly Active Australian Users


Total Australian Population are Using Facebook


Billion Monthly Active Users Worldwide


Billion Monthly Active Users on Facebook Messenger

Chatbots are revolutionising the way businesses interact with their customers and prospects

How can Chat marketing help your business?

Create personal connections that will generate leads

Chatbots help you to simplify customer experiences by providing personal and direct conversations to people through the messenger platform, which is where people are already spending their time. Chatbots are used to generate new leads, sales and build customer relationships. They may help you reach more people which can increase your customer base.

Purchases can be made on the spot
Your products and services can be browsed and purchased directly in the conversation.

Show you care
Messenger bots are conversational, interactive and instantaneous. Show you care by providing solutions, creating meaningful connections and experiences.

Add humor to your brand voice
Develop your brand’s character and voice and use it to speak to your visitors. Program your Chatbot to have a bit of humor, this will make it seem more humanlike, this makes your customers more at ease and makes their experience more satisfying.

Save time
Using Chabots in your business will save you time. When used on your website they can provide fast, automated answers to most questions. Their use prevents customers from waiting a day or longer to receive responses as they would have maybe with email. This allows your business to serve more people while increasing productivity and decreasing costs.

Save money
Investing in a Chatbot will have its costs but the amount of revenue you will gain from it will pay for itself. Your Chatbot will run 24/7, you won’t have to pay annual leave or sick days. It can perform the task of several customer service agents. They will not replace customer service they will help reduce the work load.

There’s a ton more you can do.

It’s simple and brilliant.

Generate More Leads & Close Sales with Chatbots

Some huge results generated for businesses using chatbots


Tennis Australia

Their goal was to find a better way to target their social media fans and have them purchase tickets easier. The results:
24.3X return on ad spend
20% higher return on ad spend with click to messenger ads
16% lower cost per acquisition with click to messenger ads
4,600 sales from click to messenger ads


Their goal was to increase online sales. The results:
3.4X higher return on ad spend for click-to-Messenger ads compared to ads that linked to the LEGO website
71% lower cost per purchase when clicking through to the Messenger experience compared to ads optimized for clicks
1.9X higher value for website purchases made from click-to-Messenger ads

Soul Space Media

Generated 11,000 Facebook Messenger subscribers for 13¢ each. His ad campaign brought a 550% ROI for Soul Space Media within a week!.


Sephora wanted to encourage more clients to visit its stores by offering them an easy, conversational way to book makeovers, reducing the number of steps required.
The results:
11% higher booking rate versus other booking channels
5 fewer steps required to book a makeover

Chat Marketing has averaged 80% open rates and 50% click rates for a large number of businesses!

Chat Marketing Service


There are many ways to use messaging chatbots and we can help with most things. If you don’t see what you are looking for please get in contact to discuss. Custom service packages also available.


Just getting started! No problem. Let us help you by setting up your ManyChat* account and connecting it to your Facebook Business Page, including assisting you to add us as admin on your Facebook page. We will ensure all the correct settings are made on your ManyChat and Facebook page account settings.

* ManyChat is our preferred chatbot building software. We can set you up with their FREE version or for $10/mth you can go straight to using the Pro version which has many benefits. 


Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are a great way to build relationships. We can help you come up with a lead magnet, setup up your email form, email campaign, automation and chat flow.

Chat Iteration Support

We offer monthly iteration on all chatbot flows to keep them conversational and tailor them to audience engagement.

Brand Personality

Our chatbots are not just a build project we design an experience using conversational messages and strategy. We design a chatbot with a personality and a name based on your brand and ideal customer. Your chatbot can be your signature image or we can invent one for you. This service also includes a welcome message, a custom menu and dynamic menu.


Qualifying Leads & Appointment Scheduling

Qualify your visitors down a path where you will discover exactly their needs and follow up with a more targeted flow or have them schedule an appointment using Acuity or Calendly.


Custom Chats

We can custom make your chatbot experience based on your business goals. If you have an idea of what you want and would like to mix it up feel free to have a chat with us book a call.



Connect the dots by integrating accounts to ManyChat, Facebook, Email Systems, Google Drive and more….

Shopify Integration

Integrate your Shopify store with a ManyChat chatbot flow to purchase your products, add an abandoned cart campaign that will re-engage with your shoppers and offer the product again, a very high percentage of shoppers will buy making you more money instead of lost sales.


Want your team to look after your chatbot using ManyChat? Need to be trained? Have us work with your team in a 30 or 60 minute training session. Learn how to build and iterate chatbots.

Pricing starts from $1,000 for builds and from $500/mth for iteration dependant on your business goals and requirements. Includes conversation monitoring if required.

* Facebook advertising ad spend is an additional cost.

Our Goal: Is to increase your sales by getting new customers and encourage engagement with existing customers by designing chat, email and sms experiences that will keep you and your business top of mind and stand out from your competition.

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