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Best practices of Social Media Marketing for your business needs

Are you struggling with social media and don’t know where to start? Unsure what to post? When to post? Tired of trying to figure it out on your own? Wondering if it’s really worth it? Feel you just don’t have time to try to make it work? Do you want to finally find out how social media can make money for your business?

Social Media is a must for all businesses and definitely worth it!

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Have your social channels branded, informative and up-to-date consistently


Social media marketing is a specialist area of marketing that requires planning, creativity, understanding and consistency. Social Media is a must it has changed the way we do business and the customer service experience. If your business isn’t taking advantage of all social media has to offer then you are losing business.





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Social media has altered how you interact with existing and potential customers. Planning your strategy is key. Knowing what to post and when to post is vital.

We help you work through the issues you are facing, come up with a solution and build it into a Social Media plan that will best fit your business now and in the future.

Social Media Marketing Services


Our service to you | What we do

  • Account setup and Admin setups
  • Configure Settings
  • Branding: logo, colours, slogans, content setup
  • Design and setup 1x social media banner
  • Setup contact information, location and call to action
  • Setup about sections
  • Menu ordering preferences
  • Design up to 5 posts to get started
  • Build initial audience
  • Initiate page likes – selection based on a supplied list
  • Improve audience numbers
  • Carry out industry analysis
  • Research content ideas and collate
  • Basic content planning & scheduling
  • Increase engagement that drives likes, shares and comments
  • Monitoring
  • Build page likes
  • Monitor conversations
  • Interact with targeted page feeds and generate interaction
  • Create informative and educational content that inspires your visitors to take action
  • Monthly performance report and analysis
  • Implement strategies and processes that support scalability, efficiency, and successful social engagement, turning your likes and followers into clients.
  • Content brainstorming
  • Create content ideas
  • Scheduling content for approval and go live– Google Calendar, Hootsuite or Social Sites
  • Design content
  • Research industry #tags and create a segmented list to use for each post
  • Design social media posts with the goal to capture audience attention and generate brand recognition.
  • Designs can be based on supplied images or custom made.
  • Design page headers/banners

Every builder needs a plan, so too does every online project.

Planning is key to building a strong online marketing strategy.

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