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Is Facebook Advertising successful?

Facebook has become more of a pay-to-play site and you need to run Facebook ads each month continuously to reach your perfect clients and receive results.  It is necessary and is one of the cheapest sources of marketing. It has powerful audience selection tools, where you can target the people who are right for your business by demographics, interests, behaviours, location, audience lookalikes, competitors and their audience, and your local area by postcode.

Facebook has become more of a pay to play platform


Facebook ads have become more complex with all the different choices and changes that Facebook has made.

It’s better for tracking

Direct your Facebook visitors to your core business tool – your website to interact with your brand further.

Gather visitor contact information by building an email list

Use conversion pixels to see what interests your customers for better targeting

Don’t spend weeks trying to learn all this on your own, let us help kick your ad campaign off right and guide you to the perfect ad choice.

The Campaign

When running Facebook Ads the best approach is to split test a set of ads and different versions of your ads to see what performs and converts best.

Your Facebook campaign structure has three parts:

  • Campaign: A campaign contains one or more ad sets and ads. One advertising objective is chosen for each of your campaigns.
  • Ad set: Ad sets contain one or more ads. Your targeting, budget, schedule, bidding and placement is defined at the ad set level.
  • Ad: The designed ad.

Once a split test phase on one type of ad has been performed you will receive an ad that performed better than the others. Now you can launch a full campaign with the winning ad and know you will get results from it.

Facebook Advertising Services


Our service to you | What we do

  • Initial research
  • Account permissions setup
  • Business manager account setup
  • Setup conversion tracking
  • Install Facebook Pixel (if required).
  • Ad campaign setup
  • Setup custom audiences
  • Produce ads copy and design for split testing
  • Budget setup
  • Split test ads
  • Monitoring (maximum 15 days)
  • Report on which ads performed the best

It is important to note that after the testing phase maintenance begins automatically with the winning ad unless instructed otherwise in writing.

Once we have your best ads up and running, we need to watch them daily to make sure they continue to perform well, they may need to be tweaked just a bit to test new variables.

  • Daily monitoring of your ads
  • Stopping underperforming ads
  • New Ad creation (maximum of 2 new ads created per week)
  • Weekly reporting
  • Recommendations of next steps

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