“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

— Albert Einstein

I help businesses creatively establish and build a strong online marketing foundation with strategies that will increase brand awareness, customer growth and revenue.

Peggy Ker Online Marketing Specialist

Hi, it’s Peggy here, founder of Socially Engaged. I have great passion when it comes to creating and delivering outstanding online marketing experiences that supports businesses and their growth.

Since 2001 my spark for online marketing began while working as a receptionist in a small IT business. Noticing in the background the work that was being done in the business, I was curious, the Internet was new and I wanted to be apart of it, I set out to learning the language of the Internet. It didn’t take long and I was part of the team using my creativity and designing and developing websites.

I believe every business should be successful online, including yours. I help business owners, solopreneurs, coaches, product and service businesses improve their online presence by combining creativity with the latest marketing strategies.

I’ve designed and managed campaigns for email marketing, Facebook advertising, visual designs, layout, website development and entire business setup and rebranding, designs of logo, price list, signage, ebook designs, video production, email campaigns and A.I. technology – Chatbot Marketing, also known as Conversational Marketing. When following a gameplan with realistic and achievable goals, success follows.

Socially Engaged has a mission to make
social media less overwhelming, more fun and achievable!

With the introduction to Chatbots, 2019 saw a turning point in customer engagement and changed marketing strategies completely, to keep up to date I set out to quickly sign up to a course learn the new tactics and to become certified so as to offer the latest technology to you.

Social Media is constantly changing and has altered how businesses interact with existing and potential customers, to keep up is challenging. At Socially Engaged, I constantly keep up with the many changes to online marketing and share them with you along the way.

Now in 2024, we see A.I. popping up everyone on the Internet, doing amazing things to help with marketing tactics. Stay tuned for new updates moving forward.

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