The secret to managing social media

Be strategic

Have you found yourself wasting time on social media? If so, you need a strategy. Being clear and focused about your online marketing and the reasons why you are online will help.

Social media is the best place to find and connect with your audience. A social media strategy will direct your online efforts and save you heaps of time.

Discover what your social media’s purpose looks like in your business, what value do you offer? What solution do you provide?

Decide which social networks best suit your goals and analyse where your customers spend most of their time. There is no need to be everywhere, choose one to three networks your customers are most active in.

Review your business content, carry out an online audit, find out what has been placed online in the past and how did it perform? Check your statistics and provide fresh content based on high performing material. Content is used to drive traffic, attract attention to what you offer, build relationships and raise awareness.

Once you have all this set you can put your plan in place.

Social media is about being helpful, educational, and engaging.

Create a Social Media Plan

A social media plan’s purpose is to help you know what you are going to do; whether you will post, comment or share content, where you are going to post it, when you will post, how you will post and track the results.

A social media plan can be managed with a social media calendar. A planning calendar will help you be consistent with content and ensure you are posting regularly.

Not sure where to start? Download my social media calendar template free for you to use and adjust to suit your goals. This social media calendar template will guide you through 5 basic steps and examples to producing and organising content easily:

  1. Run content brainstorming sessions
  2. Make a list of content categories relevant to your business
  3. Create a bucket list of content ideas
  4. Create a basic planner of content ideas for each day of the week
  5. Create a more detailed planner with actions

The template also includes a task list to keep track of producing content.

Create a Social Media Checklist

Having a daily social media checklist that will help you be consistent, organised and save you time.

What would that consist of?

  • Set an estimated time each day and stick to it.
  • Set daily tasks, weekly tasks and monthly tasks.
  • Create posts and schedule.
  • Check messages.
  • Check notifications, comments and likes.
  • Reply to comments, remove spam.
  • Review posts reach and engagement.
  • Check targeted page posts and make comments.
  • Share important posts, images, videos, discussions.
  • Participate in group discussions.
  • Analyse statistics.
  • Check adverts and analytics.

Here are some already built resources you might find helpful

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