Socially Engaged has added Chat Marketing solutions to their services just in time to support businesses as they reopen

26 October, 2020

Socially Engaged is making a difference with online marketing

Supporting businesses with their online marketing needs.

Socially Engaged is one of the few Australian businesses certified in Chat Marketing Conversation Design and has indicated that they plan to focus on Chatbot AI marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses by November 2020. We will be providing: Conversational design experience strategies based on business goals, values and voice. Creation and setup of the Chatbot account, integrations, greetings, menus and conversation message flows. Setup conversation message flows for specific areas such as converting Facebook advertising clicks into relationships, recovering shopping cart abandonment, online ordering, Facebook comments etc. Conversation iteration to continue growth. Chat marketing services will likely be rolled out with discounts as part of a new service offer over a short period of time. Chatbots can automatically respond to an unlimited number of visitors anytime, anywhere, be very engaging, conversational and personable. Chatbots answer customer support questions, provide a gallery of services, send lead magnet content, book appointments, educate, offer live chats, sell products, offer discounts, coupons, generate leads and so much more. If you feel this is something that will add value to your business, we would love to chat. Ready to check it out? (opens in Messenger) What is a chatbot and how can chatbots be used in your business? Book an Appointment (opens in Messenger)


Don’t be fooled by this!

Don’t be fooled by this!

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