Melbourne to re-open following 0 Cases of Coronavirus

27 October, 2020

Melbourne to re-open following zero cases of Coronavirus

112 days in lockdown
Today is a day to say well done to everyone in Melbourne!

0 cases second day in a row.

We have all be working so hard to do the right thing and keep safe, we are all excited we can now finally re-open but to do so safely.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced Melbourne’s re-opening on Monday 26th October 2020.

Essentially, Melbourne will open up on two dates – 11:59PM, Tuesday night and then even more on November 8.

Melbourne will move to Step 3, what does that look like?

All retail can open with a COVID-safe plan.

Employees are allowed to attend work now in a “dark opening” to prepare for a re-opening from midnight tomorrow.

There will be no more restrictions on the need to leave home.

Hospitality will be able to operate: restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars and clubs can open indoor with a max of 20 people, and outdoors with a max of 50 people.

Beauty, personal and tattooists businesses to open provided a mask is worn.

Indoor sport and recreation is not yet allowed. Outdoor community sport for under-18s and outdoor non-contact sport for adults will recommence.

Indoor fitness and sports classes open for only recording and broadcasting with a minimum number of people.

Indoor swimming pools, open for hydrotherapy sessions with a health professional, carer or support person. No group sessions.

Weddings increase to a maximum of 10 people.

Funerals increase to a maximum of 20 mourners.

The 25km travel limit and the border between regional Victoria and Greater Melbourne will stay in place until November 8.

Outdoor gatherings are still limited to 10 people, with infants under 12 months old not counted in the maximum. The two-household limit will also be revoked.

Gyms will be able to re-open and operate with a maximum of ten people outdoors.

Libraries and community venues can open for outdoor events and outdoor entertainment venues can also host events.

Workplaces no longer need to be on a permitted workers list but you must continue to work from home if you can.

Regional Victoria is not open to Melburnians as yet and a permit will be needed until November 8.

Having people in your home was announced this morning Tuesday 27th October @ 10:30am.

From 11.59pm tonight Tuesday 27th October two adults will be able to visit another home accompanied by dependents.

Until the 25km radius is lifted on November 8, these visits will have to occur within that travel limit.

People can only have visitors once a day but it can be a different set of visitors each day.

More info found in this list here.


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