Will Chat Marketing work for your business?

28 October, 2020

Exciting news! We have been working on something new and awesome.

Meet Tess our new team member. Tess is not your ordinary assistant; she is our Online Marketing Technology Assistant aka #chatbot

Yep, that’s right we are now Chat Marketing certified and are designing amazing conversations with chatbots (AI) through Facebook Messenger, SMS and Email.

We are transforming businesses like yours into the new era of online marketing with the latest technology that will grow your audience and build meaningful relationships with your customers through interactive, automated and tailored messages that convert.

Open rates for Chat Marketing are as high as 95% as compared to 15% for email


Will our solution work for your business?

If you feel this would work for you and would add value to your business, we would love to chat.

(03) 9761 9245 | 0408 995 107

Ready to check it out and meet Tess?

(opens in Messenger)

What is a chatbot and how can chatbots be used in your business?


What is a chatbot?

What is a chatbot?

Chatbots are revolutionising the way businesses interact with their clients. How? what are they? I want in, how do I get one?

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