Don’t be fooled by this!

31 March, 2024

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Ignore WhatsApp Upgrade message.

The “WhatsApp Gold”, “WhatsApp Plus”, or “WhatsApp Premium” messages to upgrade, is not official releases from WhatsApp, but they have also been linked to scams and the potential distribution of malware.

While these names might sound enticingly official, it’s crucial to note they are not. “WhatsApp Gold” nor “WhatsApp Plus” or “WhatsApp Premium” are not applications released by the official WhatsApp team. These are linked to scams and the potential distribution of malware, alongside the infamous Martinelli virus scam, first made their deceptive debut in 2016. WhatsApp gold scam comes around every few years with malicious links.

Do not click any links that get published around, always do your research first, or check with the official company.

More information published from Cybersecurity expert David Baek here.


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